Smart Cooling Systems

High Pressure

What is a high pressure SCS system?


It is a high pressure cooling system (70-135 bar) for machining with a compact design, advanced technology and connectible with any machine-tool.

It is an intelligent system which is modular and mobile, and adaptable to any machine-tool designed to support high pressure.

What are its applications?


The SCS can be used in a wide range of applications such as turning, milling, drilling, boring or grooving and for an equally wide range of materials and machines requiring high pressure.


  Why use the high pressure pumps of the SCS-hp?


It enables maximum performance and productivity, and therefore profitability of machining (turning, drilling, milling operations, etc.), as it enables greater advances and cutting speeds and in this manner reduces the work cycle time.

It provides high level performance and its standard version includes all operations needed at an extraordinarily competitive price.

Easy to install and manage with minimum maintenance.

How does it work?

Its main operation is based on the injection of coolant liquid (oil or cutting fluid) at high pressure, after being cooled and filtered, by means of pipes and nozzles designed to withstand the pressure intended for the cutting edge of the tool.


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  What advantages does it give us?


By providing a greater level of cooling at high pressure, it enables the temperature generated at the cutting point to be reduced, and shavings to be broken and removed which provides:

More aggressive cutting conditions which reduce the work cycle.

Greater useful life-span and cutting efficiency of the tool obtaining better finishes and quality in the machined piece.

More constant, efficient and safe production cycles with less accumulation of shavings and greater levels of precision.