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Basic Kit Drilling/Boring NANO:

For collet tool holder or round shank tool

Quick Connection fittings:

1 unit NA-QC-01-00 Quick connection fitting NANO with M6x1(M) in one end. 

Flexible distribution tubes:

1 unit NA-DT-01-01 M6x1(M), flexible tube OD:6.5 mm, L:8" (203 mm), M6x1(M)

1 unit NA-DT-01-02 M6x1(M), flexible tube OD:6.5 mm, L:12" (305 mm), M6x1(M)

Standard coolant distribution block:

1 unit NA-DB-01-00 18x18x12 mm distribution block with coolant inlet in M8x1(F) inlet and 3 outlets in M6x1(F). Includes supporting plate to machine with 3 Fastening slotted holes for M6 screw.

Connectors and adaptors:

1 unit NA-CA-01-00 Adaptor M6x1(F) to BSPT 1/8"(M)

1 unit NA-CA-01-06 Adaptor M6x1(F) to M8x1(M)

1 unit NA-CA-04-00 Short banjo M6x1(F)

1 unit NA-CA-04-04 Banjo bolt M6x1(M)

Locking and connecting plugs:

1 unit NA-CC-01-00 Sealing plug with quick connection fitting NANO

1 unit NA-CC-01-01 Quick connection fitting NANO to M6x1(F)

3 units CC-01-04 Sealing plug M6x1(M)

Sealing gaskets:

2 units UNA-SG-01-01 Sealing gasket in copper for M6 (10 units)

1 unit UNA-SG-01-02 Sealing gasket in copper for M8 (10 units)

1 unit SG-01-03 Sealing gasket in copper for M10 and BSPP 1/8" (10 units)

Fastening wrenches for the fittings:

2 units NA-FK-01-00 Wrench for assembly on the universal hexagon used in the NANO program. SW8

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