Case study:

Steering Parts (automotive)

Our client faced the challenge of reducing the cost of an already extremely optimized manufacturing process, but that opened the opportunity for him to get access to a new contract for additional references of that same family of parts with higher manufacturing volumes and consequently bigger revenue. So, he contacted us and challenged us to improve that process.

Initial conditions

  • Highly optimized process.
  • The customer already used 20-bar bombs.

70 BAR High-pressure system installation

  • The high-pressure was only used (initially) in the drilling operation: Drill Diam. 16 mm.
  • With 70 Bar coolant pressure the cycle time was reduced by 5 Sec.
  • The life of the drill (solid carbide) increased by more than 70% (even with higher cutting conditions). The drill life expanded from 750 parts to more than 1300 parts.
  • Pending to implement high-pressure in the cut-off operation because the client had to acquire the proper tools and tool-holders.

What the client said:

“I was quite skeptical about the cycle time improvement with 70 Bar coolant pressure, but once DAUNERT installed their HPC system and ran production for a few hours, I understood that the ROI was just within months.”